Warne Marsh: An Improvised Life

Fans of modern jazz in general, and the tenor saxophone in particular, will need no introduction to Warne Marsh, famously a pupil of the ‘Tristano school’ and long-term collaborator of Lee Konitz and others.

A few years ago Safford Chamberlain wrote a marvellous book about Warne: An Unsung Cat: The Life and Music of Warne Marsh (Publication of the American Association of School Administrators). Other than that, however, while his music is widely available, Warne’s life really is unsung.

Now KC Marsh, Warne’s son is planning a film about his father’s life.

Facebook users can find more information – and contribute – by going to the Facebook Page. On that page you’ll find information about the film production, and lots of interesting links about Warne and his music, including comments by Ted Brown, another great tenor saxophonist from the same school who has produced work such as  Free Spirit.

Most interestingly among the content of the  Facebook page is a link to “A Jazz Life: Memoirs and Studies Drawn From Experiences As A Student of Warne Marsh 1982 – 1987” by John Klopotski. While you can’t download it you can read the full book online. Dipping into suggests that this is well worth reading in full.



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