New Album out now: Smoke and Mirrors

Bobby has a new CD out: a duet with pianist Kate Williams. Entitled “Smoke and Mirrors” it is on the KWJazz label.

It was recorded on 17th of November 2011 at the Crossley Gallery in Halifax, Yorkshire and features Bobby on tenor and Kate Williams on piano.


Track Listing:

  • Smoke And Mirrors;
  • While We Were Young;
  • Minor Pennies;
  • What If…;
  • If You Never Come To Me;
  • The Man I Love;
  • P.S.;
  • Imagination.

Bruce Lindsay’s review for All About Jazz ( ) describes it as  “relaxed interplay between tenor saxophone and piano that has the effortless ease that can only come from players in total command of their craft.”

John Fordham’s review in the Guardian ( ) gives it 4 stars “It’s an unpretentiously delightful encounter.”

According to the review on London Jazz: ( ) it “exudes elegance, taste and refinement that at times borders on the exquisite.”

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One Response to New Album out now: Smoke and Mirrors

  1. Andy Isham says:

    I’m totally loving this record and unhesitatingly recommend it. Beautiful.

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