Bobby Wellins documentary “Dreams are Free” – screenings in August and November.

In 2010, independent film-maker Gary Barber started working on a documentary about Bobby’s life and career.  Gary first met and interviewed Bobby ten years previously and says he was “enchanted by his stories, lyrical voice and his passion for music”.  The film was completed and first shown at the Brighton Film Festival in 2013.   The film is now going to be screened at both the Chichester Film Festival next week, Wednesday 21st August and again at the London Film Festival in November.

Dreams are Free
screening at Chichester Film Festival – 21st August 2013
Dreams are Free will be screened at the Chichester Film Festival followed by a performance by the Bobby Wellins Quartet.
See full details here

Dreams are Free screening at London Jazz Festival – 20th November 2013
Dreams are Free will be screened as part of the London Jazz Festival at The 606 Club.
Find out more about the Dreams are Free documentary and Gary Barber at 
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3 Responses to Bobby Wellins documentary “Dreams are Free” – screenings in August and November.

  1. Henry Austin says:

    For Bobby
    Hi Bobby,
    I wanted to congratulate you on the award and your film. It is truly exciting and long overdue. I am glad that they are bestowing on you the recognition that you deserve. We knew each other in another lifetime. I still wear my Charlie Watts Orchestra hat as it is my most comfortable. I vicariously have stayed somewhat abreast of your life and continue on in the audio world. Unfortunately I have lost touch with Terry the Japanese monitor engineer that did both tours with us. I spoke with Sherry Daly several years back and that put a smile on my face. She was still with Charlie and remarked how quickly the years have gone by. I would love to see both you and the film and have some laughs about old times. It is hard to think of those tours and not have a chuckle.
    Take care my old friend and know that I continue to think of you and the boys.
    Henry Austin FOH engineer CWO

  2. Fiona says:

    Hi Henry,

    Bobby’s daughter here, my apologies for the delay getting back to you, a few things going on. Dad is well, I will pass on your message. Perhaps you could email me your telephone number to and you can both catch up on the phone and try to organise a meet?

    Best wishes to you,


  3. Peter Minkley says:

    I am so happy Bobby is doing well. I remember buying Under Milk Wood and could not stop playing Starless and Bible Black. I must have played that tune thousands of times. To me Bobby, it is one of the great sax solos. Wishing you happiness and health. I still have the LP and treasure it. You are just one top class jazz player. Peter

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