Discography – 1960s


January 6th 1960: Tony Crombie
Leon Calvert, Les Condon (tp), Al Newman (cl,as),  Bobby Wellins (ts), Harry Klein (bar), Stan Tracey (p),  Kenny Napper (b) Tony Crombie (d)

  • VOG-4795 Caravan
  • VOG-4796 Boo-bah
  • VOG-4797 Lullaby
  • VOG-4798 Reelin’
  • VOG-4799 Li’l ol’ Pottsville
  • VOG-4800 Jamba
  • VOG-4801 I let a Song out of my heart
  • VOG-4802 Summertime

Tony Crombie –  Jazz Inc. Swinging Music in the modern Manner
Tempo 12″ LP TAP 30 (mono recording)
Re-released in 2000 on CD by Jasmine – JASCD612

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LP Cover: Jazz Inc



London – Possibly August 1961: Tony Crombie
Gordon Beck: Piano, Harpsichord
Malcom Cecil: Bass
Tony Crombie: Drums
Harold McNair: Alto Saxophone, Flute
Bobby Wellins: Tenor Saxophone (Tracks 6, 7, 9, 10, 11)
Tommy Whittle: Tenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet

  1. Gut Bucket
  2. Keep It Light
  3. Look For The Real Thing
  4. Flute Salad
  5. Brazilia
  6. Stop That Man
  7. Round The ‘Ouses
  8. Penthouse Party
  9. The Gang-Busters
  10. Yodellin’
  11. Just Like Old Times
  12. Journey’s End

Ember Records EMB 3336 “Whole Lotta Tony”  1961

Whole Lotta Tony - Tony Crombie

Whole Lotta Tony - Tony Crombie



London Spring 1963: Tommy Watt – Forty Two Big Band

Bobby Pratt, Bert Courtley, Derek Abbott, Les Condon (tpt),
Keith Christie, Gib Wallace, Bobby Lamb, Bill Gellard (tbn),
Johnny Scott (as), Tommy Whittle, Eddie Mordue, Bobby Wellins (ts), Ronnie Ross (bar), Tommy Watt (p, ldr), Malcolm Cecil (b), Bobby Orr (d)

  • Woodchoppers Ball Col(E)DB7050
  • Tuxedo Junction Col(E)DB7050
  • St. Louis Blues Col(E)DB7275
  • C Jam Blues Col(E)DB7275

Label: Columbia DB7050, DB7275

29 and 31 July, 7 August and 4 October 1963: Johnny Dankworth


Leon Calvert (trumpet, flugel horn), Dick Hawdon, Ken Wheeler (trumpets, tenor horn), Gus Galbraith (trumpet);
Tony Russell,  Ed Harvey (trombones); Ron Snyder (tuba);
Johnny Dankworth (alto sax, clarinet), Roy East (alto sax, clarinet, flute), Art Ellefson (tenor sax, bass clarinet), Vic Ash (tenor sax, clarinet);
Alan Branscombe (piano, vibes) Ken Napper or Spike Heatley (bass), Johnny Butts (drums)
Guests: Ronnie Ross (baritone sax) Tubby Hayes, Ronnie Scott, Peter King, Bobby Wellins, Dick Morrisey (tenor saxes),  Tony Coe (tenor sax, clarinet); Jimmy Deuchar (trumpet);
Ronnie Stephenson (drums), Roy Webster (percussion);
David Snell (harp)

Tracks (Soloists as listed for tracks on which Bobby Wellins  is featured soloist) :

  • Prologue
  • Weller Never Did (Ross, Wellins)
  • Little Nell
  • The Infant Phenomenon
  • Demdest Little Fascinator
  • Dotheboys Hall (Scott, Wellins, Coe, Morrissey, King)
  • Ghosts
  • David and the Bloaters
  • Please Sir, I Want Some More
  • The Artful Dodger (Ash)
  • Waiting for Something to Turn Up
  • Dodson and Fogg
  • The Pickwick Club
  • Serjeant Buzfuz
  • Finale

Fontana STL5203 Johnny Dankworth: What the Dickens

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LP Cover: What The Dickens



April 1964 Tubby Hayes

Jimmie Deuchar (tp, mellophon), Bert Courtley (tp), Ian Hamer (tp), Keith Christie (tb), Ken Wray (v-tb),
Alan Branscombe (as, bs, b-cl), Pete King (ts, cl), Bobby Wellins (cl, ts), Tubby Hayes (fl, ts, vib, tympani), Jackie Sharpe (cl, bs),
Terry Shannon (p), Freddie Logan (b), Allan Ganley (d)

  • Pedro’s Walk
  • In The Night
  • Raga
  • The Scandinavian

Jimmie Deuchar (tp, mellophonium), Les Condon (tp), Ian Hamer (tp), Keith Christie (tbn), Ken Wray (b-tb),
Ronnie Ross (as, bs, b-cl), Pete King (cl, ts), Bobby Wellins (cl, ts), Tubby Hayes (fl, ts, vib , tympani), Jackie Sharpe (cl, bs),
Terry Shannon (p), Freddie Logan (b), Allan Ganley (d), Benny Goodman (congas-1)

  • Russian Roulette
  • Parisian Thoroughfare
  • The Killer Of W.
  • Israel Nights -1
  • Sasa-Hivi -1

Tubby Hayes: Tubbs’ Tours on Fontana STL5221. Re-issued on MoleJazz LP Mole Jazz 4.

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Tubbs Tours

Tubbs Tours

June 20 1964 BBC radio broadcast – Jazz Club


Ian Hamer [out 5], Les Condon [out 5] (trumpets),
Jimmy Deuchar [out 5] (trumpet, mellophonium),
Ken Wray [out 5] (valve trombone), Keith Christie [out 5] (trombone),
Ronnie Ross [out 5] (alto saxophone), Peter King [out 5],
Bobby Wellins [out 5] (tenor saxophones),
Tubby Hayes (tenor saxophone, flute),
Jackie Sharpe [out 5] (baritone saxophone), Terry Shannon (piano),
Freddie Logan (bass), Allan Ganley (drums).
Leader: Tubby Hayes
Date: June 20 1964
Venue: London
BBC radio broadcast – Jazz Club

1. All at Once (Ian Hamer) (3:00)
2. A Summer Stroll (Ken Jones) (3:38)
3. Parisian Thoroughfare (Bud Powell) (6:46)
4. K and J (Jimmy Deuchar) (6:57)
5. I Remember Clifford (Benny Golson) (6:01)
6. Take Your Partners for the Blues (Tubby Hayes) (5:15)
7. The Scandinavian (Harry South) (4:45)
8. Pedro’s Walk (Ian Hamer)a
9. Mini Minor (Ian Hamer)

No known release

22 June 1964: The New Departures Quartet


Bobby Wellins (ts), Stan Tracey (p), Jeff Clyne (b),  Laurie Morgan (d)

  • Love With Variations
  • McTaggart
  • Culloden Moor
  • Afro Charlie

13 July 1964

  • Let Them Crevulate

The following two tracks are so far unreleased

  • Everywhere Derriere (Take C)
  • Amoroso Only More So (Take A)

Hot House HH (CD) 1010 The New Departures Quartet

CD Cover: New Departures Quartet



London, 31st January 1965:Tubby Hayes

Personnel: Ian Hamer, Les Condon (trumpets),
Jimmy Deuchar (trumpet, mellophonium [5 6]),
Keith Christie, Ken Wray (trombones),
Ronnie Ross (alto saxophone [3 + ?], baritone saxophone [ 7 + ?]),
Tubby Hayes (tenor saxophone, flute [3 5], vibraphone [5]),
Peter King, Bobby Wellins (tenor saxophones),
Jackie Sharpe (baritone saxophone), Terry Shannon (piano),
Freddy Logan (bass), Allan Ganley (drums).
Leader: Tubby Hayes
Date: January 31 1965
Venue: Marquee Club, London
BBC television broadcast – Jazz 625 – April 7 1965

1. Theme (Tubby Hayes) (0:33)
2. Parisian Thoroughfare (Bud Powell) (3:17)
3. In the Night (Tubby Hayes) (5:13)
4. Suddenly Last Tuesday (Jimmy Deuchar) (3:15)
5. Young and Foolish (Albert Hague/Arnold B. Horwitt) (5:03)
6. Blues for Bloody Morag (Jimmy Deuchar) (3:15)
7. The Killers of W 1 (Jimmy Deuchar) (5:50)
8. Theme (Tubby Hayes) (0:37)

Jazz625 TV Broadcast on 7th April 1965

Tracks 2 and 5 also released on LP: International Association of Jazz Record Collectors – LP IAJRC50 “England’s Late Jazz Great Tubby Hayes”

8 May 1965: Stan Tracey Quartet


Stan Tracey (p), Bobby Wellins (ts), Jeff Clyne (b), Jackie Dougan (d)

  • Cockle Row (6:50)
  • Starless And Bible Black (3:45)
  • I Lost My Step In Nantucket (3:15)
  • No Good Boyo (5:00)
  • Penpals (3:45)
  • Llareggub (4:50)
  • Under Milk Wood (5:55)
  • A.M. Mayhem (6:50)

Stan Tracey – Under Milk Wood: Jazz Suite Inspired by Dylan Thomas
Original Release: Columbia EMI SCX 3589/33SX 1774.  Re-released Steam (E) SJ101 and on Blue Note (CD) CDP 789449-2

You can buy this on Amazon in three versions but the current release on Re-Steamed is this one:  Buy Under Milk Wood at Amazon


LP Cover: Under Milk WoodCD Cover: Under Milk Wood

London 17 May 1965
Personnel: Ian Hamer, Les Condon (trumpets),
Jimmy Deuchar (trumpet, mellophonium), Ken Wray (valve trombone),
Keith Christie (trombone), Ronnie Ross (alto saxophone),
Peter King, Bobby Wellins (tenor saxophones),
Tubby Hayes (tenor saxophone [1 2 3 5 7], flute [6], vibraphone [4],
tympani [2]), Jackie Sharpe (baritone saxophone), Terry Shannon (piano),
Freddie Logan (bass), Allan Ganley (drums).
Leader: Tubby Hayes


1. Mini Minor (Ian Hamer) (3:32)
2. Russian Roulette (Jimmy Deuchar) (5:34)
3. Blues for Bloody Morag (Jimmy Deuchar) (3:09)
4. Goodbye (Gordon Jenkins) (5:07)
5. Don’t Fall Off the Bridge (Tubby Hayes) (6:07))
6. In the Night (Tubby Hayes) (6:12)
7. Portrait of Elvin (5:57)

BBC radio broadcast – Jazz Club

1965 (more details required)



A Side: Neighbor Neighbor

B Side: Lovely Ladies
DAVE HARVEY drms, JOHN PAGE organ, STEVE RANCE bs, MIKE WARD vcls, gtr, TONY ? conga drums, BOBBY WELLINS, tenor sax

An intriguing single in the Mod / Ska style with Bobby as a session man.

The details come from an ebay listing. The lister gave me this MP3 file (runs for 3m 20s) sampled from both sides.

If it is Bobby then it is strange to think that he recorded this only a few months before or after Under Milk Wood

Interphon IN-7717 (US)  Fontana / EMBER TF584  (UK)

Founded by Steve Rance, The Ad Libs line-up remained constant during their time together. Steve Rance:- “A manager who shall remain nameless saw us playing in the Zambesi Club in Earls Court sometime during 1963/64 and offered us a residency in the Ad Lib club just off Leicester Square. This was at the time the top society club in the West End, with clientele such as the Beatles, Stones etc. and many film stars and actors. It was very expensive – I remember whisky and coke (the ‘in’ drink) was ten shillings a shot!”

“We changed our name to the Ad Libs (not to be confused with the American ‘Adlibs’) and did two sets a night, six nights a week at the club for a year or so, with a break for a few weeks whilst extra soundproofing was installed. The resident DJ, who sat behind a grand piano in which his record decks were installed, was a ultra-hip black guy who had access to all the latest American soul imports. At this time American record labels were desperate to sign British groups, and we were offered a deal by, I think it was Mercury. The club DJ lent us some LP’s, from one of which we chose Neighbour, Neighbour and Lovely Ladies.”

“When the record was released in this country on Fontana it was played on radio several times and we performed it live on the ‘Club Edition’ of ‘Ready Steady, Go’ on ITV. It got some good reviews, but everything came to a grinding halt when our manager disappeared with the fee from ITV, which I think was about £240. Shortly after this the Ad Lib club closed down permanently because of noise problems and the band split up.”

“Mike Ward and I joined Julian Covey and the Machine for a while, and Dave Harvey played with Them. I haven’t seen or heard of the others since 1965, but I am still playing on the Isle of Wight.”

The sax solo on their sole record was played by a well known jazz session player, who Steve thinks might have been Bobby Wellins.

Single Label: Lovely Ladies



8 March 1966: The Stan Tracey Big Band

Stan Tracey (comp, arr, p), Kenny Baker, Eddie Blair, Ian Hamer, Les Condon (tp), Keith  Christie, Chris Smith, Wally Smith (tb),
Alan Branscombe (as), Ronnie Baker (as, cl), Ronnie Scott, Bobby Wellins (ts), Harry Klein (bs), Jeff Clyne (b), Ronnie Stephenson (d)

  • Afro-Charlie meets The White Rabbit
  • Portrait Of A Queen

9 March 1966: The Stan Tracey Big Band

  • Alice in Jazzland
  • Fantasies In Bloom
  • Teatime Gavotte

Kenny Wheeler (tp) and Tubby Hayes (ts) replace Blair and Wellins

  • Murdering The Time

Alan Branscombe (as), Ronnie Baker (as, cl), Ronnie Scott, Tubby Hayes (ts), Harry Klein (bs), Stan Tracey (p, arr), Jeff Clyne (b), Ronnie Stephenson (d)

  • Summer Hallucinations

Ronnie Scott (ts), Stan Tracey (p), Jeff Clyne (b), Ronnie Stephenson (d)

  • Pig and Pepper

The Stan Tracey Big Band: Alice in Jazzland

Columbia EMI (LP) SCX 6051

Re-released on Re-Steamed as a CD 2007

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London 20 November 1966 – Tommy Watt


Personnel: Tommy Watt (conductor), Janot Morales,
Allan Botschinsky, Marjan Domic, Kenny Baker (trumpets),
Albert Mangelsdorff, Frode Thingmaes, Chris Smith (trombones),
Pekka Poyry, Bob Burns (alto saxophones),
Pedro Itturalde, Bobby Wellins (tenor saxophones),
Ronnie Ross (baritone saxophone), Bernt Egerbladh (piano),
Michel Gaudry (bass), Bobby Orr (drums).
Leader: Tommy Watt
Unknown Tracks

BBC radio broadcast – The Jazz Scene –
European Broadcasting Union Jazz Concert

No known release



8 & 14 October 1967: Stan Tracey Quartet

Bobby Wellins (ts), Stan Tracey (p, celeste – 1, vibes -2), Dave Green (b), Jackie Dougan (d)

  • Everywhere Derriere
  • Love Now Weep Later
  • Sweet Used To Be
  • Lover’s Freeway
  • Two Part Intention
  • Undercover Lover
  • Amoroso, Only More So – 1

Lennie Bush (b) and Ronnie Stephenson (d) replace Green and Dougan

  • Three Time Loser, Three Time Blueser -2

Note: Additional percussion and sounds dubbed into this track.

Stan Tracey Quartet – With Love from Jazz
Columbia (E) SX6205

Re-released as a CD on Trio Records 2005.

Buy With Love From Jazz at Amazon

Album cover - Stan Tracey's With Love From Jazz

Album cover - Stan Tracey's With Love From Jazz

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