Discography – 1980s


November 19, 1980: Jimmy Knepper / Bobby Wellins

Jimmy Knepper (tbn), Bobby Wellins (ts), Pete Jacobsen (p),  Dave Green (b), Ron Parry (d)

  • Primrose Path
  • What Is There To Say?
  • Song For Keith (piano solo)
  • Gnome On The Range
  • ‘Round About Midnight
  • Latterday Saint

Jimmy Knepper – Bobby Wellins Quintet: Primrose Path
Hep 2012 (LP)

LP Cover: The Primrose Path

NB These tracks are also incorporated with Jimmy Knepper / Joe Temperly recordings from 1978 on HEP CD CD2012  JOE TEMPERLY/JIMMY KNEPPER/BOBBY WELLINS: ‘Special  Relationship’

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CD Cover: Special Relationship




9 April 1982: Stan Tracey

Peter King (as), Bobby Wellins (ts), Art Themen (ss, ts), Kenny Wheeler (tp, flh), Stan Tracey (p), Roy Babbington (b), Clark Tracey (d)

  • In Walked Bud (3:53)
  • Pannonica (7:36)
  • Misterioso (6:44)
  • I Mean You (5:04)
  • ‘Round Midnight (5:58)
  • Little Rootie Tootie (10:19)

Spectrum / Tribute to Monk
Lansdowne Series Switch (LP) SWLP 001


1 October 1983: Bobby Wellins Quartet

Bobby Wellins (ts), Pete Jacobsen (p), Kenny Baldock (b), Spike Wells (d)

  • Erco Makes Light Work (Wellins)
  • Visionaire (Wellins)
  • Bossa Oseris (Wellins)
  • Logotec Logarhythm (Wellins)
  • Track Sound (Wellins)
  • Downright Downlight (Wellins)
  • Take The A Train (Strayhorn)
  • Just Friends (Klenner,Lewis) runs into into:
  • I’m Beginning To See The Light (Ellington, George, James, Hodges)

Bobby Wellins Quartet: Making Light Work
HEP CD2070

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CD Cover: Making Light Work



23 March 1986: Charlie Watts Big Band

Percussion: Charlie Watts, John Stevens, Bill Eyden
Piano: Stan Tracy
Vibes: Jim Lawless, Bill Lesage
Basses: Ron Mathewson, Dave Green
Cello: Jack Bruce
Trumpets: Colin Smith, John Huckeridge, Steve Sidwell, Harry Beckett, Ted Emmett, Jimmy Deuchar, Dave Defries
Trombones: Paul Rutherford, Annie Whitehead, Chris Pyne, John Picard
Tenor Sax: Don Weller, Evan Parker, Alan Skidmore, Bobby Wellins, Danny Moss, Courtney Pine
Alto Sax: Peter King, Ray Warleigh, Willie Garnett
Baritone Sax: Gail Thompson
Clarinet & Flute: Olaf Vass
Arranged and conducted by Alan Cohen.

  • Stomping at the Savoy
  • Lester Leaps In
  • Moonglow
  • Robbins Nest
  • Scrapple from the Apple
  • Flying Home

Charlie Watts Big Band – For Stu – Live at Fulham Town Hall
Island Records


1989: Bobby Wellins

Bobby Wellins (ts), Peter Jacobsen (p), Kenny Wheeler (tp, flg), Spike Wells (d), Ken Baldock (b), Chris Karan (perc), Delme String Quartet.

  • Birds of Brazil (1st Movement)
  • Birds of Brazil (2nd Movement)
  • Birds of Brazil (3rd Movement)
  • Angel Eyes
  • Moonray
  • In Walked Bud

Bobby Wellins: Birds of Brazil
Sungai CD BW11

CD Cover: Birds of Brazil

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